The backbone of your dissertation is an influential dissertation research proposal. The fact of the material is that it involves introduction, statement of the problem, proposition, objectives, research methods, and significance of your dissertation topic. If your research proposal is well written, then you dissertation will be received at once.

Creating a Dissertation Research Proposal is a tough task since it requires a lot of efforts and search.

Following are the instructions if followed will help you write a good dissertation proposal.

• A good title is required for any research proposal. With a good title, the reader's interest is grabbed and he gets involved in the work.

• A short summary of the work should be written in the abstract. The abstract should deal with the problem/ issue, a proposed solution and the steps concerned in realizing the solution.

• An introduction to the topic should be given. This proper introduction highlights the importance of the issue, the proposal and that of the work. Discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of the work. The advantages of your work should increase the disadvantages otherwise there is always a chance that your proposal might get rejected.

• Mention in detail about the resources that are used in the study. In this section, the depth of the knowledge of the student can appear as the proposal has entered into the procedural details.

• Explains in detail the achievement of methods in a much practical manner. Explain benefits of the research.

• The actual results of the research might not be recognized until the research is actually carried on. But, predicting the results in advance can show off the confidence on the research proposal.

• To keep the readers interested until the very end of the document, your result should present the main essence of your work. For example, if a genetics researcher wants to do a research, then the potential results arising from the research, like a cure for cancer, etc, will definitely interest the reader and will give a better chance of the person being chosen for the research.

The above things should be kept in mind while writing a good Dissertation Research Proposal. These are not solid and quick rules, but are common instructions. They provide the basic thought of ‘what to do' and ‘what not to do' in dissertation.

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