It happens to all of us. We can talk about something for hours and hours thinking we know everything about it but if we are asked to write something about it, the same knowledge seems to be a farfetched idea. You can always talk to your friend about everything you know about sports but how can you write sports dissertations? The reason is that we take everything about our daily lives for granted.

First thing you have to have prior knowledge and interest in sports to formulate quality sports dissertations, if not develop it or writing a sports dissertation can be a daunting task for you. The reason is that a sport is not something you can find a lot of material for on the web or too many books about. You have to have the real-time knowledge about everything.

These are a few things which can help you write good sports dissertations.


Writing about everyday stuff people find it hard to make a choice as to what exactly they should write about. Sports are a part of everyone’s life these days. Almost everyone plays or watches some kinds of sports. So what should one write about? How to choose the topic?

Shortlist three or four potential topics, along with exact details and take them to your tutor or advisor. Thoroughly discuss them with him about the topics and what you would focus on precisely. And what kind of dissertation you are planning to write. Ask his help to formulate your research proposal.


When writing sports dissertations one thing which almost always works is writing about current issues and news.
This can greatly enthuse your readers and get their attention. Writing about any recent happenings or events can be easy but one usually tends to be biased which is perfectly natural but it has to be avoided at all cost. You don’t have to show one side of the coin. It’s the reader’s choice to make. Leave it to them.


There are two basic formats for sports dissertations.
Qualitative and Quantitative. In a qualitative format you basically focus on observations, description and qualities of a sport, team or an individual. In a quantitative format you talk about facts and figures usually, it can be measurements or numbers. Both of these formats can be followed at the same time, taking care that one doesn’t over ride the other one.


Writing sports dissertations may sound easy to some people, thinking of course that they know everything about sports. They have other things to say after their dissertation grading. Never think you know everything about any topic, not only sports. There’s always something you don’t know, look for it. Always focus on every micro detail.

Every time you see a football match you don’t want a flashback reminding you how you messed up your sports dissertation on the quality of football shoes. Follow the above guidelines for sports dissertations if you don’t want this to happen.

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No matter how big or fast your car is, if you do not know how to start it, its no good to you. It is the same with your dissertation. If you are unable to write an effective dissertation introduction, although you have conducted a ground breaking research, you are not getting exactly what you thought.

Then how should I write for my dissertations introduction chapter? Drive the readers through your dissertation, explain where they are, where are they going, and what they are going to find out when they are through. The ideas provided in this article are meant to help you writing the first chapter of your dissertation The dissertation introduction chapter.

A basic idea

An ideal dissertation introduction should not be any longer than 2 pages or approximately 200 words keeping in mind that it can effectively and clearly present your hypothesis. If you have conducted a research on a broad topic then you can extend it to 300 words but no more than that.
Do not add any information which is not discussed in the content of dissertation. Always tell the readers about the problems you faced during the research, the readers will acknowledge your honesty and credibility and deficiencies will be easy to cover up, if any. Every point of your introduction can be marked by bold letters or italics to add an extra spice.

Furthermore an ideal dissertation introduction can be structured following these guidelines.


In this section of the introductory chapter of the dissertation let the readers know what major problems your dissertation will address and how your dissertation will fill any research gaps. You should clearly introduce the topic and the back ground of various developments about the topic. This is what distinguishes you among other dissertation introductions.


Discuss the significance of your topic. Why it should be worked on. What kinds of solutions are required? What research has been done in the past and what parts of the topic it didn’t cover? Introduce your reader what difference it can make to the subject itself and what spaces can be filled with the research. You must introduce the background of the various envelopments the topic brings with it.


In this very important part of your dissertation introduction briefly but effectively tell the readers what the findings of your research are. Present them idea to the point how your research can help solve the unattended questions or problems never discussed before. You have to instill this idea in the mind of your reader that your research will make a difference and solve a problem.

Following these guidelines your dissertations introduction can get you the attention of the readers which you deserve for all the hard work you have put into it.

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Everybody can write a speech but can everybody deliver a speech? NO. So many people will tell you how christiano Rolando missed a sitter and what he should have done but can they do it themselves? No. why? Because everyone is not designed or bred for everything. You can be a jack of all trades but not a master. Same is the case with dissertation defense presentation. For some students it’s a walk in the park and for some it’s an uphill climb.

There are a number of reasons for that. Some students are not confident about their research and knowledge. Some students are not familiar with the methodology and some students simply fear the judges. Here are some guidelines to help such students handle the pressure and make their dissertation defense presentation easier.


There are a number of things students can do prior to their dissertation presentations which can help them a great deal when they are facing the judges.
Logistics check
Inform the concerned people about the date and time of your dissertation defense presentation a few days prior to the big day. Go to the university and get familiar with the instruments or machines you have to use and see if they are in order. Check the written or electronic material which you have to use in the presentation. Consider every little thing important, you never know how luck can dodge you on a big day like this.


Look for prior knowledge about the board members if you don’t have it already. Visit someone’s presentation to see if there are certain things the judges don’t like. Practice your presentation in front of the mirror. If this doesn’t help, use some good friends. Tell them to cross question you and try to answer them.


Students tend to drop their bags when they are contradicted or cross questioned during their dissertation presentations. Don’t do that. Your Knowledge is your power. Believe in yourself and keep telling yourself that you can answer all the questions. They shoot questions at you like bullets, you knowledge is your armor. You are the one who did all the hard work; you know everything about the topic.


Be confident about the things you know, even if you are not completely right. This will build an impression that you are competent and qualified enough to argue. But that doesn’t mean you start telling gibberish. You should be at least 50 % sure that you can prove what you are saying. This can be very effective if you can convince people and you know how to play with words.


Something which most students do is they look everywhere but at the examiners or they start fidgeting. Keep an eye contact with the board members. Psychologists recommend looking straight into the eyes of the examiner if you want to leave a good impression. It would be like a hypnosis which you are inducing. Whatever you say, say in clear words with a normal pitch. Keep telling yourself you are doing fine and rest assured, you are getting good grades.


Remember the fact that the judges were in your shoes some years ago and it’s given that they also faced the same situation, you are in right now. An examination is like a theatre where everyone has to play his role. You focus on your role and script i.e. your defense dissertation presentation and guess what you are playing the lead role.
Keep the above mentioned guidelines in your mind for your dissertation defense presentation and always remember “you achieve it when you believe it”

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Well, I know that you have tried almost everything to get ideas about writing a construction dissertation but nothing worked. Of course, how could anything work when there is no information or help available on internet about construction dissertations writing. Since there is not much available on the internet for you, I have decided to help you by providing all the necessary information that will be required to write a construction dissertation.

Definition of Construction:

The word “construction” includes construction of houses, buildings (commercial and non commercial), airports, sea ports, roads, bridges, historical sites, theme parks, state of the art buildings, community centers, architectural sites and lot more. Concisely, when we talk about construction dissertations then we have a vast segment from which to choose an appropriate topic.

Construction dissertations topics:

The first step of writing a dissertation is to select a topic, make a research plan, gather the mandatory data, analyze the conclusions and lastly come up with a determination along with your testimonials.

Students must make sure that they maintain themselves in constant touch with their advisor because in writing such a dissertation, you need an advisor who can guide you all the way.

Evaluate the resources when deciding a construction dissertation topic. Make sure you go for a reliable resource otherwise you’ll regret later on.

Now, let me give you affiliated topic examples which you can use to generate ideas in your project or make up something else:

•Scheduling Advanced Projects
•Legal Issues in Construction Management
•Natural Resources Management: Use of Simulation
•Information Systems in Construction Management

Construction dissertations titles:

How to make a dissertation title? This is a most frequently searched question on internet, As it is a very important question because dissertation title selection is the top most important part of writing a dissertation and there are certain things that you ought to take in to account before you start your construction dissertation.

The foremost thing is the use of plain and easy to understand language. The dissertation title must not be full of technical terms. It had better state, what your dissertation is all about in clear language. The disadvantage of using vague terms is that the readers are unable to link it to themselves and therefore they don’t want to read it.

The main parts of a construction dissertation:

Now comes the main part of the dissertation. Here I am putting down the obligatory parts of a dissertation for your reference:

•Signature page
•Table of contents
•List of tables & list of illustrations
•Chapter 1- introduction statement of the problem
•Chapter 2-review of the literature
•Chapter 3- methodology
•Chapter 4-results
•Chapter 5- discussions

So, deciding the right topic and title for your dissertation is not that tricky, Right! All you have to do is to be glued by the information given in this article and there you go! You are all set for your construction dissertation!

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There is a funny thing about life and people. They keep changing. Those who are unable to accept the changes and proceed accordingly are left far behind in the league of populace. Same goes with the organizations. If an organization does not comprehend the changes required in its composition from time to time it fails to raise itself above certain mark or maybe even fails to maintain its mark.

Change management dissertation is all about a well thought out approach to changing individuals, teams and organizations and it is the process during which the modifications of a system are applied in a controlled way, by following a well planned structure to make fair modifications.

In order to write a change management dissertation you need to study the subject thoroughly so you can understand all the aspects grounded factors. To do so, first off you need to understand why a change in management takes place.


For any organization the most important thing is to make sure that its workers are working well enough and according to the plans and instructions determined. Before an organization can start the process of a changing management it plans a meeting of the board. In that meeting the higher authorities of the organization discuss and make arguments and counter arguments about the different regions of the company and talks about the performances of the employees. There are some major questions involved which are the part of a change management meeting. You should cover them all in your Change management dissertation;

•Is the performance of the particular team effective?
•Can skills of the team be increased through performance betterment trainings?
•Is it possible to carry the organization with the same team without making any alterations?
•Can wages increment play a part in avoiding an alteration?
•Do individuals have command over their work?
•Are individuals making efforts towards “Work as a team” aspiration?
And lastly,
•Will the change management process play an effective role for the organization?
After discussing all of the preceding matters an organization makes a decision.


This is a more tangled task than changing a particular team. In this process the Head of the team has to stand up alone and make sturdy decisions for the betterment of the organization, overlooking the problems of the individuals involved. Making decisions about H.R change is definitely a tough decision and if a wrong decision is made, it can call out some serious consequences.

For this type of change maneuver you should cover the following questions in your change management dissertation;

•Does H.R sit and fit for the organization?
•Is the H.R reactive or proactive?
•Can motivational training play a part in the complex situation?
Is H.R Playing its part in positively handling the teams and individuals?
And lastly,
•Would a fresh H.R be able to pull out the boat from the cyclone? Or this change management will just be a change for the sake of change?
To make your change management dissertation stand out from the mass you have to select a high-crowned topic. For your ease, here we are putting down some of the top change management dissertations topics;


•Why a change is required in an organization? And when a change should be made?
•Problem identification to attempt change management dissertation
•How a change management procedure can become a nightmare for an individual involved in the operation?
•Pre-requisites of a change management program
•Evaluation and exploration of change management dissertations
•Anchors involved in a change management process

Hence, Change management can play both negative and positive parts for individuals or organizations; your job is to wrap up the topic in comprehensive manner to come up with solid and factual conclusions.

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