If you are not sure how your dissertation on knowledge management should start or you are clumsy to write on knowledge management dissertation. In either case, you should baffle no more. Of course writing dissertation on knowledge management is not an easy task but it’s not impossible too. Following guidelines will help you understand how one should proceed on knowledge management dissertation:

1. What KM stands for? Before you start writing on knowledge management dissertation you must understand what KM stands for. KM stands for knowledge management. Knowledge management involves strategic practices in organizations to develop insights and experiences among their employees in an effective and efficient manner.

2. Purpose of Knowledge Management: You must know what purpose knowledge management serves for before moving on to the dissertation on knowledge management. Knowledge management is a natural function of any human resource organization. The main purpose of knowledge management is to enhance the knowledge process in order to achieve a better outcome.

3. What is the difference between knowledge management and operational management? In contrast to operational management, knowledge management not only deals to produce outcomes, it also incorporates the integration of outcomes to generate whole new results. This difference is better to be included in dissertation on knowledge management to clear the conflict between knowledge and operational management.

4. Knowledge Management Processes: Your knowledge management dissertation is incomplete if you do not discuss following processes:

• Knowledge Production: “The knowledge management process which involves the development of new knowledge and non-routine knowledge outcome”.
• Knowledge Integration: “The knowledge management process in which the new knowledge is developed among employees of an organization”.

5. Knowledge Management Strategies: There are 4 strategies to be mentioned in a knowledge management dissertation:

a. Change Management: In this strategy, HR deals to handle the change of people, structure and technology in an organization.

b. Best Practices: The method considered to be an efficient one to produce advance outcomes is concerned with this strategy.

c. Risk Management: The assessment of risks to minimize the probability of errors and control the desired outcome is associated with Risk Management.

d. Benchmarking: In benchmarking technique; HR rewards the employees after assessing their performance.

6. Knowledge Management System: In knowledge management dissertation, KM system must be discussed. Knowledge management system comprises of structured management information system (MIS) to create, store or record information i.e. vital for people either through Artificial Intelligence, Network maps or documentation.

7. Distinct Views on Knowledge Management: Discussing views of KM gives a complete new outlook to knowledge management dissertation:

• Ethnocentric View: This view focuses to enhance knowledge with an emergence of any unique technology.

• Process View: This view is developed to share information about new knowledge outcomes among people.

• Theoretical View: This view is based on the basic concept of underlying truth and knowledge.

• People View: This view is associated with people’s perception about development of knowledge.

This article on KM dissertation will surely provide you affluent information regarding the knowledge management dissertation and now you will take the dissertation on knowledge management lightly.

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If you are tired and exhausted chasing good engineering dissertation topics then this is the place where you have to stop your marathon, because we have got all the information you need for your engineering dissertation topics.

In the following article we will thoroughly discuss about different engineering dissertation topics.


Just about all the things that we use in our daily life link to the field of engineering by one way or the other, directly or indirectly. By putting this in mind you will have great sorts of engineering dissertations topics to choose from, depending upon your interests, because this is one of the highly-desired fields.

The evolution of engineering education is determined by numerous elements. While the endorsement process has been the most substantial change in recent years in the world, it is by no means the only one. New engineering methods, new kinds of employers, the restructuring of industry, changing patterns of employment, and globalization all have had an effect on how engineering is integrated and extradited.

Civil Engineering dissertations: The main vehemence of civil engineering is the development of a sustainable civilization.

1. Sustainability & its impact on discovering organizations.
2. Development of sustainable homes with the help of renewable energy generators.
3. Research to study properties of concrete to attain sustainability.
4. Research to evaluate the impact of sustainability on processes within an organization.

Mechanical engineering dissertations: The blueprint and development of electronic circuits plays a very significant role in serving organizations to attain success.

1. Research to study transformer losses and to reduce energy loss.
2. Setting up of a control system to monitor process usage of compressors.
3. Research to develop and introduce schemes to ensure that energy consumption is efficiently used by electrical machines.
4. Development of a system to study the motors efficiency and reduce kWh usage

Computer Science engineering dissertations: Information systems engage in recreation of a major role in computer science engineering and provide a major support to organizations.

1. Research to develop e-waste systems.
2. Information systems definitely assist in maintaining information, but how can these systems ensure that they are maintained sustainable?
3. Research to identify and reduce e-waste.
4. How can learning organizations influence the development of information systems?

Environmental engineering: Over the past few years numerous countries have been attempting projects supporting the environment and aiming to cut down carbon emissions.

1. Design of carbon measurement benchmarks.
2. Process mapping techniques to identify bottle necks for supply chain industry.
3. Process improvement techniques to identify and remove waste in an automotive industry.
4. Study of compressor operations on a forging site and mapping operations to identify and remove energy waste.

I have tried to make your engineering dissertations topic selection as easy as I could. Now it’s up to you how you utilize this article to fulfill you dissertation’s requirements.

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Have you been asked to submit a Psychology dissertation? If that’s the case; then most likely your psyche might be going out of your reach. In order to reach it, all you need to do is to think as a psychologist and start the psychotherapy of your mind as writing a psychology dissertation requires a fresh mind not a dull one. Of course, psychology dissertations are hard to be prepared. There are few psychology dissertation examples available on the World Wide Web and each psychology dissertation isn’t of great use. After reading this article, you won’t have any trouble in preparing a Psychology dissertation one of its own kind.

What Psychology is!

Psychology is simply the study of mental life behaviors. What influences the minds of humans or animals? Why do humans behave differently with regard to their surroundings? All these questions link to Psychology. They are a necessity of any Psychology dissertation.

Psychological Terms
Following terms are very vital to make your Psychology dissertation authentic.
1. Human Nature: Common way of feeling, thinking and acting due to human instinct comprises human nature. It should be a core element for your Psychology dissertation.

2. Ethics: Ethics develop a conduct which might look right from one end and may look wrong the other way round.

3. Society: The way community lives together to provide mutual benefits develop a society.

4. Sensation and Perception: The way we sense our environmental surroundings through our sense organs i.e. tongue (taste), hand (touch), eye (sight), nose (smell) and ear (hear) develops Sensation and the way we interpret such sensation give rise to our Perception. Psychology dissertations won’t look complete without Sensation and Perception.

5. Learning: Acquiring new knowledge, skills or behaviors develop learning.

6. Memory: The way information is stored, recalled or transformed among organisms constitutes a memory.

7. Cognition: Distinct ways of individual thinking forms cognition.

A Brief History of Psychology

Before 1879, a German philosopher derived the word psychology from ‘psyche’ and defined it as the study of soul (Philosophical view); then William Wundt near the end of 19th century classified psychology as a mental science (Physiological View) and around the mid of 20th century, John Watson positioned psychology as a science of behavior (Psychological View); this definition has become a standard now as our behavior reflects our feelings, act or thinking. These views are critical issues of Psychology dissertation.

Main Branches of Psychology

1. Abnormal Psychology: Depression to obsession shifts and sexual deviations are part of this field.

2. Adult Psychology: Behavioral Study of youth comprises Adult Psychology.

3. Biological Psychology: It’s used to uncover enriched information within an organism.

4. Clinical Psychology: How to cure the patients from mental disorders gives rise to Clinical Psychology.

5. Cognitive Psychology: It works well to develop the understanding internal mental processes of organisms.

6. Developmental Psychology: It deals with the developmental changes among human beings during their lives.

7. Energy Psychology: How do mind and soul works in different circumstances create the Energy Psychology?

8. Language Psychology: How human genes are programmed to adopt distinct languages? Language Psychology answers it.

9. Personality Psychology: The answer to the question: Why individual’s attributes differ from each other? Lies in this field.

10. Physiological Psychology: To study the working of nonhuman animals psyche, Physiological Psychology plays a major role.


Now you would have been clarified that Psychology dissertations act as a test for your psyche; therefore in order to clear it, you should incorporate natural elements in a Psychology dissertation.

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Before going into the details of how you can choose your topic among different economic dissertation topics, let’s have a little explanation about what the Economics is and how you can outline your economics dissertation.

Economics is that branch of knowledge that falls in the area of social sciences. Economics mainly deals in production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Economic scientists have divided economics into two main areas; one is Micro economic, which is concerned with individual areas of economic activities, and other is Macroeconomics, which is concerned with the major and general features of a country's economy. Economics is also subdivided into a branch called Home Economics, in which students study to run a house well and efficiently.

When it comes to writing an economic dissertation for your degree, you need to understand the basic pattern of economics dissertations before going into an actual phase of writing it.
You will need to choose a topic first, and then you can divide your dissertation into the following parts.
1. Title Page
2. Abstract
3. Literature Review
4. Research Design
5. Methodology
6. Conclusion and Limitation
7. Recommendation for further research
8. References
9. Appendices

Besides the basic components of an economic dissertation, the most important matter is to select an ideal topic among various economic dissertation topics. Deciding an economic dissertation topic could be a difficult task, but with appropriate guidelines, you can choose the best dissertation topic for yourself.

Find the area you are most interested in: Choosing the area for economic dissertation that creates a deep interest of you is very important. You will want to enjoy the entire dissertation writing, therefore focus on finding a topic which is not only significant for the society but also a fascinating experience for you.

Discuss the topics with your Friends: Once you find an area of interest among several economics dissertation topics, talk to your friends and class mates about the area of research you have selected and take their point of views and ideas to go further specific with the topic.

Research on Internet: Search the internet for relevant material to go into more specific areas of economic dissertation. Check the already written economic dissertations and other resources to find a gap that you can fill with your economic dissertation.

Talk to your Course Supervisor: When you are done with short listing some topics among several economic dissertation topics, bring these topics to your economic dissertation supervisor to further discuss and to finalize the one economic dissertation topic, so you can further carry on with your economic dissertation.

Once you finalize an ideal topic for your economic dissertation, the entire dissertation would become easy for you during the whole dissertation writing tenure. You will not lose your interest at any point of time and in the end you will come up with the accurate findings of the topic on time.

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Do you have any idea regarding research? Have you ever designed a Research dissertation? Can you predict whether quantitative or qualitative research dissertation dominates? If you are not used to of concepts concealed behind research; then you won’t be from now on as this article is going to elaborate you the importance of research in an efficient manner.

Is research necessary?

Research means systematic investigations to discover and interpret knowledge for further development of human beings. Therefore, research is vital to a community.

Qualitative vs Quantitative Research

While designing a qualitative research dissertation, one should compare qualitative and quantitative research methods in brief.

• Qualitative research is an important tool to tackle International Public Health Problems while quantitative research is ineffective to answer such problems.

• Qualitative research focuses on inside view and quantitative over outside view.

• Textual Data plays part in qualitative research whereas numerical data is used to research quantitatively.

• Open-ended inquiry is a part of qualitative research and close-ended inquiry is vital for quantitative research

• Qualitative research is comparatively flexible to quantitative research

Preceding differences clearly indicates that qualitative research methods are more fruitful for applied research as they provide valuable insights as compared to quantitative research method. Therefore, qualitative research dissertation is preferred over quantitative.
Qualitative Sampling

Of course, it’s not simple to collect data from each member of a community; therefore subset (sample) of population (community) is used in Qualitative research. 3 sampling techniques exist for a Qualitative research; they must be mentioned in your qualitative research dissertation.

They are:

1. Purposive Sampling: Used to research a particular sample for some purpose. E.g. Researcher may want to know: “how school kids spend their precious time at weekends”.

2. Quota Sampling: To study sample in segments. E.g. Researcher may be asked to: examine 150 males and 100 females view on a certain product between age group of 40-50.

3. Snowball Sampling: To study inaccessible people behaviors. E.g. Researcher finds only 3 civil engineers in a particular territory; then researcher might ask those engineers: Do they know more civil engineers around so that the researcher can further progress towards his/her research.

Ethical Guidelines

While conducting a Qualitative Research, researcher adopts some ethical guidelines as a road map for research. Those guidelines are as follow:

1. Respect autonomy of people.

2. Be beneficence to participants.

3. Communal justice to people in terms of knowledge.

It’s a good idea to discuss such guidelines in a qualitative dissertation.

Qualitative Research Methods

To make your qualitative dissertation interesting, you should incorporate several techniques associated with qualitative research. Qualitative research methods involve:

1. Participants Observation: An appropriate technique for researcher to analyze whether the behavior of people being studied is natural or unusual.

2. In-depths Interviews: Interviews with either 1 or 2 people to collect personal, sensitive or confidential information. Such interviews are ideal to research people having busy lifestyle.

3. Focus Groups: Researcher suggests a particular topic, product, issue, idea or service to evaluate people’s attributes towards it.

Advantages of Qualitative Research

It’s better to enlist the merits of qualitative research in your qualitative research dissertation to elaborate its importance. Merits of qualitative research include:

• Everyone is free to share the views.

• Researcher can’t anticipate participants.

• Self-explanatory.


You would have realized that qualitative research dissertation is an efficient way to study natural behaviors, therefore while preparing a qualitative research dissertation, one should overview ethics deeply.

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You completely understand how much important Dissertation is, Don’t you? And how much important it is for scoring a good grade for any degree. You consider it one of the toughest nuts to crack, Right!

So let’s make it easier. The very first thing you need to know before starting dissertation writing is making a complete dissertation plan, about how you will start and finish dissertation writing and how to make it foolproof. So in this topic I will explain all the aspects of a foolproof planning dissertation. Many people don’t know that planning dissertation is as important as writing a dissertation, and one should not overlook any of the aspects related to it.

For foolproof planning dissertations you need to follow 5 key pointers which are:
• Making a plan for your daily routine.

• Gathering all the notes and documents required.

• Choosing the right topic so you can work on it with an ease.

• Making up your mind to give your planning as much time as it requires.

• Taking breaks time to time while writing dissertation to reduce unnecessary stress.

Does it all sound difficult and confusing to you? Well, if yes, don’t panic. I’m going to explain all of these pointers thoroughly in the lines below with a guarantee that they will help you in real time.
1. Make a daily routine

Most of the students complain about facing mental stress and depression. It is because they don’t make a good schedule of their daily routines during the phase of dissertation writing.
The key for success is to adopt preparing dissertation plan as your daily routine, and get a balance between writing your thesis, sleeping, and having a social life. Hence, making a good schedule and following it will help you achieve your goals with very less stress; this is why planning dissertation is so important.

2. Select the right topic

Decide a topic on which you can write with an ease and have interest in it. By selecting a topic according to your liking will stop you from losing interest in your dissertation plan, until you write down the last word of it. Be careful and don’t take a topic against your interest Just to prove that you can write on a complex matter. It is definitely not a good idea and can make your life a living nightmare. By doing what you like and Being what you are will help you more.

3. Gather all the notes and documents required

Gathering and filtering the documents according to the relevancy of a topic is an attention requiring task. Compiling irrelevant information can cause serious damage to your assignment and lead you to an unsuccessful result, which I’m sure you don’t want to do, right!

4. Spend time on it

Planning dissertation can take a lot of time but as I’ve mentioned before, planning dissertations is as important as writing a dissertation itself, so give it all the time and attention necessary. Spending time on the research and planning will eventually reduce the time that will be spent on the main dissertation, so giving it a priority is a wise fact.

5. Taking breaks

Always remember to take breaks between your writing sessions and meanwhile engage yourself in a healthy activity such as: Sports, video games, TV, or specially music. It has been proven based on a scientific research that music effects in a very good way to our mind & body and cause a reduction of stress in a short time.

By following the given guidelines you can achieve the best results for your planning dissertation. After all, pushing yourself to limit for the dissertation is a worthy effort, as it is for scoring a good grade in your precious degree.

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Here comes the time of final English literature dissertation writing. Before anything else you should understand that literature dissertation is quite longer than any other dissertation writing, and require a deep involvement with the area of research. As literature is a very elegant and deep subject, hence the assessment by university or college would be done at much higher standard than the assessment of other areas of studies.

Before moving further, it’s important to discuss that what Literature is. According to Wikipedia, “Literature is the art of written works”. Subsequently, when we see what English Literature is, Wikipedia now define it as, “English literature is the literature written in the English language, including literature composed in English by writers not necessarily from England”.

While writing your English literature dissertations, you need to focus greatly on dissertation literature review. You should not mix the connotation of literature review with the main English literature dissertation. Literature review of dissertation is actually a part of the dissertation in which you deeply go through the written work done by the previous English writers, and cite the important points which are necessary for your English literature dissertation.
I recommend reading the work of famous writers like Charles Dickens, William Makepeach Thackeray’s, Bronte sisters, Oscar Wilde’s, and Rudyard Kipling in order to find some great ideas for your English literature dissertation topics.

Don’t forget to use the referencing style which is recommended by your university/college. Ask your supervisor about the style they follow before starting the literature review, and stick to it from start to end. Harvard, Oxford, APA, MLA and MHRA are some famous referencing styles used in dissertation writing. Usually, MLA style is used for the subjects like literature, arts, and humanities, therefore you will most probably be asked to use MLA style.

As you will go through an English literature based dissertation, error free and good standard of English will be required to avoid criticism and embarrassment. Moreover, take care that final copy of your English literature dissertation should not contain any grammar, typography and spelling mistakes. Proof read the final work several times, and also get it proof read by your friends and family members to make it a perfect English literature dissertations without a single mistake in it.


Of course, the time of dissertation writing is tough but the time could be interesting. Don’t take your English literature writing as a burden, take it easy and do it systematically. Once, you understand how to write literature dissertations, no force in this world can stop you to complete your dissertation far before the expected completion time.

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Have you been asked to submit an IT dissertation? Gathering information related to complicated software and computer systems is teasing you. Or you have been imprisoned in a torture cell of vast information to decide whether the information you have gathered is up to date or not. In any case, you have to worry no more as this article is going to make your IT dissertation unique. Following IT dissertation topics will help you understand that IT dissertations aren’t just collection about computer-based information:


Internet marketing is the most vital part of IT dissertation. IT has made it possible to make money online through e-marketing. “Marketing of products through the World Wide Web is known as e-marketing”. Today the basic tool in use for e-marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rather SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEO is a web-based technique to enhance the traffic to your site without incorporation of any payment. It involves certain methods to increase the traffic. General methods involve link baiting, keyword search tools and adds-on.

5 Best Solutions against Mac/Windows Client Deployment
Being an IT dissertation writer, it’s necessary for you to discuss on 5 best solutions against Mac/Windows Client Deployment. They are as follow:

FileWave: Having the option of software management, it can automatically manage file sets among the work station. File wave client also query the server to check whether the desired updates are available or not.

LANrev: In contrast to FileWave, LANrev depends on updates and installation packages. It takes the snapshots of work station to create packages before & after the installation of software components.

Radmind: Radmind is not just a tool for the distribution of software around the work station. It serves as a security guard also because it can not only bring the client to its original state; it can also erase user-initiated settings.

LANDesk: LANDesk supports packaged based distribution for Mac and Windows. Beyond its deployment features, it also contains management license tools.

Altiris: Altiris supports package-based and disk image deployment options. It also covers an inventory management feature which supports patch management system.


Your IT dissertation will look incomplete without inclusion of e-commerce in it. E-commerce cycles around following businesses:

1. B2B (Business to Business): Companies doing business with each other. E.g. selling and buying involved in indirect channels intermediaries.

2. B2C (Business to Consumer): Companies doing business with the general public. E.g. Dell selling laptop online to the customer.

3. C2B (Consumer to Business): Companies bids consumer project online according to company’s requirements. E.g. Web blogger offering an advertising service.

4. C2C (Consumer to Consumer): This e-commerce deals with the online transactions of tangible or intangible products between two consumers. E.g. e-Bay auctions.

Future of IT

IT dissertation must include the preceding developments related to IT. Future of IT is assumed to be very bright. With the emergence of IT new technologies day-by-day, it seems that whole world is likely to adopt the Artificial Intelligence within the next decade. 4G communication is spreading throughout the world. Machine vision and solid state drives usage is increasing every day. These all are proofs for further advancement of IT in the next era.

I am sure that this IT dissertations will make you torture free now. Now you can write your IT dissertation with great ease, so sit relax and be optimistic.

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Housing dissertation writing is not lesser than mountain climbing, it’s one of the most elusive and research required subject to write on because there are various types of housing in different previsions. Generally social and affordable housing are believed to be dissertation themes because in the world of recession and declination, there is a high need acquired to obtain affordable housing expansion plans.

This article specifically explores the issue of affordable housing and the function of exclusionary and inclusion zoning and we’ll wrap up the discussions on how the lack of affordable housing in the United Kingdom is a severe and growing crisis with no solution in vision.

The subject circles around the legal bounds of the zoning force given to governments and municipalities and renders an explanation of the law behind exclusionary and inclusion exercises. The subject also analyzes the legal consequences raised by these zoning regulations.
In the past few decades, the deficiency of affordable housing in the United Kingdom has appeared as a juncture, effecting low income occupants. The shortage of available low-cost housing has increased in the past few years in a lead of zoning regulations and governmental zoning authorities that are backed up by the courts. Since there are no contiguous solutions to this difficulty, many legal scholars have examined the pertinent cases and have written comprehensively on the issue.

Gathering information for Housing Dissertation:

The most comfortable way of gathering information for writing on housing dissertations can be the sources which are related to house building and constructions, for example; construction companies, builders and the resource centers that offer information concerning to the real estates. As these sources are broadly looked at to be much strong and genuine because it usually gets revolve by the builders and the professionals who help to identify the potential problems and the remedial solutions.

Housing dissertations Outline:

i. Introduction

ii. History of Affordable Housing

iii. Background of Zoning Laws and Zoning Power

iv. Legal Issues Raised by Zoning

v. Exclusionary Housing

vi. Inclusion Housing

vii. Economic and Social Implications of Exclusionary and Inclusion Housing

viii. Conclusions

How to write on affordable housing dissertations plan:

Some of the essential rules which should be followed in a comprehensive manner while writing an inexpensive housing dissertation:

• Outline a well-built proposal for housing dissertations

• Title page with a detailed and strong statement

• Preface, acknowledgement and table of contents should be provided.

• Enlist the charts, figures, symbols and descriptors

• Abstract (an outline/synopsis of your housing dissertation)

• Introduction

• Descriptions of Affordable Housing

• environment of Zoning Laws and Zoning Power

• Exclusionary Housing

• Inclusion housing System

• Legal Issues Aroused by Zoning

• Social and Economic Entailment of Exclusionary and Inclusion Housing

• Hypothesis

• Analysis

• Conclusions/Findings

Hence, these pre-requisites will lead you to a successful dissertation assessment, if followed well.

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In contemporary time, graphic design dissertation is not only related to graphic designs, it has now become a very vast field covering nearly all areas of academic studies. The articulation of your graphic design dissertation writing needs to make a reader to understand the denotative in a very easy and helpful manner. Moreover, it can also be presented with graphs, diagrams, pictures and charts in order to give more catchy and lively effects.

Topics to Select for Graphic Design Dissertations

When the time for dissertation comes, selection among several graphic design dissertations topics may give you sleepless nights. It is necessary to select a topic which should be according to the studies you do during your course work and should also help to further your professional career. Some of the areas, in which you can find your graphic design dissertation topics, are below:
Creative Direction and Design
New Media
Marketing Communication
Communication Design
Desktop Publishing
Web Graphic Design and so on.

Graphic Design Dissertations Ideas That Work While Writing Dissertation

After selection and approval of a topic, you need to remember some graphic design dissertation ideas before going into an actual dissertation writing, because this dissertation will go with you the rest of your life, whether you do it good or do it bad. Therefore, remember some good graphic design dissertation ideas during the whole dissertation writing phase.

• Organize yourself and plan everything. Without proper planning you won’t be able to complete your graphic design dissertation in an effective manner and eventually you will also fail to complete it on the given time. Prepare an advance plan and jot down everything which you are going to do for your dissertation.

• Check other already written dissertations related to your graphic design dissertation topic. See how these dissertations are crafted and note down good things (title page, table of content, literature review section etcetera) from these graphic design dissertations to further use in your dissertation.

• You need to read and edit your graphic design dissertation multiple times during the dissertation writing phase, because your writing can’t be perfect on the first go.

• Create backup copies of your graphic design dissertation. Make it possible that you save it on a CD or other storage devices. You can also save it over the internet; there are several places available over the internet to save your work. Remember, whenever you update your dissertation, update your backup copies as well. Unexpected can be happened at any time, so be ready always.

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In today’s time, video games have become one of the most crucial parts of computer science. Who knew video games will take over on most of the computer programmer’s interest field. If you are supposed to write a computer science dissertation, what else can be a better topic than a gaming computer science dissertation! It has Graphics, animations, programming, innovative concepts, Physical behaviors and much more.

Generally when we talk about computer science dissertations we talk about wireless technology, local area networks, ERP or Computer programming, internet, database application and artificial applications. But when we talk about gaming computer science dissertations, we cover up all of the aspects related to the computer sciences subject.


The earliest known interactive electronic game was by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann on a cathode ray tube. The patent was filed on January 25, 1947 and issued on December 14, 1948. The game was a missile simulator inspired by radar displays from World War II. It used analog circuitry, not digital, to control the CRT beam and position a dot on the screen. Screen overlays were used for targets since graphics could not be drawn at the time. (According to Wikipedia)


In your gaming computer science dissertation you shall talk about online gaming in detail. There are many online games that push its player to the edge of his seat. Counter strike, World of war craft and Halo 3 are the top three games in the online gaming world today. The best part about online gaming is; you can chat with your team mates or opponents (via text or voice), while you are involved in playing the game simultaneously.


There have been many gaming consoles used by gaming fans but the top gaming consoles are these:
· Nintendo 64 & Super Nintendo

· Dreamcast

· Sega

· Game Boy

· Playstation (1, 2, 3 & Multiple)

· X Box 360


1. Super Mario World

2. Final Fantasy VII

3. World of War craft

4. Need for speed

5. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Activision

6. Civilization

7. Street Fighter II

8. Resident Evil

9. Sonic the Hedgehog

10. Grand Theft Auto 3


As video games bring entertainment to gamers of all age groups it also brings some great benefits along with it. Gaming is a superb physical activity as well as a great mental exercise, especially for kids. Online games enhance the vision of its player and open the gates of perceptive realisms. For example; a person can learn the rules of driving a car without even getting nearer to a car. It all happens when a car racing game is being played. This also comes handy when someone has to learn the “real” driving. This is one of the examples you can use in your gaming computer science dissertation.


While there are advantages of video game playing there are many disadvantages as well. When a kid plays a nice constructive game like sim city or command and conqueror he learns new things about the world but when he gets to play a game such as; Manhunt, Mortal combat, G.T.A or Phantasmagoria, he experiences gore and violence which is projected in this kind of games and his mind doesn’t except the things shown in the gameplay in the movies during the gameplay. As a result he attempts those moves or actions himself to see the resulting consequences, which definitely is not a good thing about video games. You can cover this segment in your gaming computer science dissertations.

Thus, you can thoroughly discuss about the multiple effects of video games in your gaming computer science dissertations.

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