The research is knowing the unknown by following the process of collection of data, analyzing the data and arriving at findings in a well planned systematic manner The dissertation writing classified into Basic research studies and Applied research studies
Normally the Basic research studies are carried out by the academicians and the Applied research studies are carried out by the industry

The report prepared by the Academicians using the findings of the Basic research is the Thesis report and the report prepared by the Industry experts using the Applied research the findings is the Management report

Even though the findings of the research studies are used by both the sectors, benefiting mutually, the characteristics of the research and the approaches they adopt remains different

The author of this article wants to highlight those differences that exist in the research studies conducted by the Academicians and the Industry in the following paragraphs


The following elements of research are considered for differentiating Thesis report ( prepared by Academicians ) and Management report ( prepared by the Industry experts )

1) Objective

The main objective of the research study and the Thesis report thereof is to test the knowledge of the Research scholar by the guide and the committee to consider providing Doctoral degree to the Research scholar

Whereas the purpose of conducting Applied research and the report thereof by the industry expert is to take decision on the findings of the Management report

2) Purpose of the study

Research is carried out in the Universities for the following three purposes

a) To add knowledge to the existing theories which are already available in the books b) Taken as a consultancy assignment from the industry ( or ) from any / few of the players of the industry ) towards Industry Institute interaction c) To provide solution to the problem of a particular company in the industry as a consultancy assignment towards the Industry Institute interaction

In the above mentioned categories of research studies the first one may be classified as Basic research and the last two may be classified under Applied research

Example for Basic research study

Study on the money saving behavior among the present day youth of the Indian Population ( study undertaken not solve any particular problem ) Sometimes the industry sectors may request the universities to conduct research on Basic fundamentals the findings of which may be used combined with other findings by the industry for the purposes like New product development, develop waste utilistion project, etc

Research is carried out in the Industries

On the other hand the Marketing research studies are carried out by the industry / company only for finding a solution to the problem identified ( or ) to find ways to tap the opportunities that exist in the environment. The research studies are carried out either by self or by using the services of outside experts.

Most of the Marketing research studies conducted by the companies could be categorized under Applied research

The data and the findings of the researches carried out is shared between Industry and the Institute making all the research studies mutually beneficial


For the industry

The acceptance of Jute fibre as a clothing material by the Indian population

For the company

Study on Brand Preference for a X brand shirts among users of shirts in India

3) Funding aspects

In the case of research studies taken up by the individual / university proposed

To meet the proposed cost of conducting research study the following are the sources that could be considered Self University University Grant Commission Government Industry associations Public Voluntary orgnisations

If there is no source available for the Researcher meeting the cost of conducting research study may become a constraint which will affect the performance of research study

On the other hand most of the research studies are funded by self ( or ) by the industry associations.

Government considers Tax concessions / Tax exemptions for the expenditure incurred towards Research and Development activities

4)Research study structured / un structured

The universities conducting Basic research cannot adopt research study in a structured manner because most of the time the researcher will be engaged in Exploratory research trying to gain in depth knowledge in a particular area

On the other hand industry conducting Applied research prefer to adopt research study in a structured manner


Time availability factor will not be a major constraint for the Basic research studies conducted at the universities The research is carried out till the researcher and his guide is satisfied on the additional findings to the existing knowledge.

The Applied research which is conducted for the industry for solving a particular problem on hand will be a time bound assignment and it loses its relevance when delayed

6)Scope of the study

The research studies are allowed to be deviated from the defined Scope of the study in the Basic research studies conducted by the universities. The Researcher as and when he finds new interesting findings in the area chosen he keeps modifying the Scope of the study. Thus flexibility exists in conducting Basic research The defined Scope of the research in the Applied research study remains rigid through out the end of the research which are conducted by the industry. Hence the scope of the study is defined in a focused manner and not modified any where in the research process ensuring the result of the study relevant to the problem

7) Beneficiaries

The findings of the Basic research study of the universities will benefit all the sectors need of present day and the future. The findings are available for usage to anybody for a cost. Thus different sectors of the subject field like educational institutions, industry, social welfare organizations and others will be benefited from the research studies

On the other hand the findings of Applied research study conducted by the industry will be useful to them only because the study is done on ‘Customised manner, tailor made’. Also the industry may not be interested in revealing the findings to others in order to maintain secrecy

8) Literature Survey

Universities engaged in Basic research spend more time, effort and money in conducting Literature survey compared to Industries engaged in Applied research which is field oriented

Since the Basic research is theoretical oriented lot of information may be available in the books and magazines

9) Exploratory research

Universities engaged in Basic research emphasizes more on Exploratory research like conducting in depth analysis, projective techniques, etc. whereas industries engaged in Applied research will give less importance for Exploratory research


Te main Hypothesis formulated ( based on the Primary objective ) will not be changed in the Applied research conducted by the industry because of the rigidity of the structure of the research study . But the sub Hypothesis developed ( based on the secondary objectives ) may undergo minor changes while conducting the research

Since the structure of the Basic research studies are not rigid the Hypothesis formulated ( main and sub Hypothesis ) may keep changing as the research proceeds

11) Data collection

The Basic research conducted by the universities use more of secondary source for necessary data collection through Desk research. By exploring all the available information in the libraries, associations, etc

On the other hand the Applied research conducted by the industries use more of Primary sources for collecting the required data because not much of secondary data may be available for the specific problem take up for study. The industry can afford to spend more money on descriptive research, experimental research than universities could do

12) Statistical Analysis

Due to the fast changing environment in terms of technology, consumer preference, socio cultural attitudes of people, etc the relevance of using Parametric tests ( using population parameter of the past ) in the Applied research leads to less accuracy

But in research studies of the Basic research, usage of Parametric test will be meaningful because the findings achieved in the past by some other Researcher will remain unchanged which could be used for the Marketing research proposed by the Researcher

EXAMPLE When the Researcher wants to develop Maslow’s theory of motivation and conducts Basic research he can do so by developing from the findings of Maslow’s. This provides scope for using Parametric test in Basic research

13) Research proposal

The research proposal prepared in Basic research studies conducted by universities may not contain details on the beneficiary of the research findings, scope of the study, aim of the study, time required, funds required, etc more clearly at the time of obtaining the approval from the doctoral committee of the university. Hence preparing the research is not needed in the Basic dissertation studies

On the other hand it becomes inevitable for the Applied research studies carried out by industries to proceed with clearly chartered out proposal for obtaining approval from the concerned authorities

14) Report Preparation

The thesis report prepared based on the finings of the Basic research by academicians will contain the chapter on Bibliography, Appendix, etc which are very much required for the completion of the Thesis report

On he other hand the Management report prepared on the innings of the Applied research by the Researcher of the industry may or may not contain on the chapters as mentioned in the Thesis report. The industry will be interested only in looking at the Executive summary revealing the findings and suggestions provided by the Researcher than the books referred, theoretical definitions given ,etc


The academicians should be clear on the type of report that they should prepare when research studies are administered. The academicians have to take extra care when choosing the research problem ( generic nature ) and when preparing the Thesis report. They should ensure that the Thesis report is not prepared like Management report or vice avers.


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