In today’s time, video games have become one of the most crucial parts of computer science. Who knew video games will take over on most of the computer programmer’s interest field. If you are supposed to write a computer science dissertation, what else can be a better topic than a gaming computer science dissertation! It has Graphics, animations, programming, innovative concepts, Physical behaviors and much more.

Generally when we talk about computer science dissertations we talk about wireless technology, local area networks, ERP or Computer programming, internet, database application and artificial applications. But when we talk about gaming computer science dissertations, we cover up all of the aspects related to the computer sciences subject.


The earliest known interactive electronic game was by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann on a cathode ray tube. The patent was filed on January 25, 1947 and issued on December 14, 1948. The game was a missile simulator inspired by radar displays from World War II. It used analog circuitry, not digital, to control the CRT beam and position a dot on the screen. Screen overlays were used for targets since graphics could not be drawn at the time. (According to Wikipedia)


In your gaming computer science dissertation you shall talk about online gaming in detail. There are many online games that push its player to the edge of his seat. Counter strike, World of war craft and Halo 3 are the top three games in the online gaming world today. The best part about online gaming is; you can chat with your team mates or opponents (via text or voice), while you are involved in playing the game simultaneously.


There have been many gaming consoles used by gaming fans but the top gaming consoles are these:
· Nintendo 64 & Super Nintendo

· Dreamcast

· Sega

· Game Boy

· Playstation (1, 2, 3 & Multiple)

· X Box 360


1. Super Mario World

2. Final Fantasy VII

3. World of War craft

4. Need for speed

5. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Activision

6. Civilization

7. Street Fighter II

8. Resident Evil

9. Sonic the Hedgehog

10. Grand Theft Auto 3


As video games bring entertainment to gamers of all age groups it also brings some great benefits along with it. Gaming is a superb physical activity as well as a great mental exercise, especially for kids. Online games enhance the vision of its player and open the gates of perceptive realisms. For example; a person can learn the rules of driving a car without even getting nearer to a car. It all happens when a car racing game is being played. This also comes handy when someone has to learn the “real” driving. This is one of the examples you can use in your gaming computer science dissertation.


While there are advantages of video game playing there are many disadvantages as well. When a kid plays a nice constructive game like sim city or command and conqueror he learns new things about the world but when he gets to play a game such as; Manhunt, Mortal combat, G.T.A or Phantasmagoria, he experiences gore and violence which is projected in this kind of games and his mind doesn’t except the things shown in the gameplay in the movies during the gameplay. As a result he attempts those moves or actions himself to see the resulting consequences, which definitely is not a good thing about video games. You can cover this segment in your gaming computer science dissertations.

Thus, you can thoroughly discuss about the multiple effects of video games in your gaming computer science dissertations.


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