Writing literature review is a tricky assignment since you have to review your thesis or dissertation in literature review thoroughly to ensure its perfection. In literature reviews, you should analyze your thesis papers carefully to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. The primary purpose of literature review is to provide an up to date literature to your readers about the topic. Secondly, literature reviews are the cornerstone of a research proposal.

In literature review papers, you have to convey ideas and knowledge which you have established for your research report or thesis. Literature review papers must define your research objectives and problem or issue that you are discussing with the aid of an argumentative thesis. There are two basic skills that you should have at your best for writing literature review. They are:

1. Information Seeking.
2. Critical Appraisal.

Here are some of the basic steps that you need to follow in order to review your literature effectively:

1. Exhaustive Search: Search out for the literature thoroughly through papers, journals and book related to your topic. Utilize each and every resource related to the topic.

2. Read to Broaden your Literature: Keep reading about the topic to collect more information in order to broaden the scope of your review. Note down important findings and references.

3. Start Writing: You should start writing literature review with the aid of references supporting your standpoint.

4. What to do next? Think! Would you like to believe anything that someone says to you? The references you have used for your literature review are old. Therefore, you must identify whether your findings have flaws or they are precise and up-to-date.

5. Modify the Paper: Examine and analyze the paper critically and modify your review paper precisely by discarding any discrepancy that you may find in the literature work.

6. Citation: Once, you are finished with your literature review papers; cite down the resources you have used for reviewing the literature.

Here are some of the most basic questions that you should answer through your literature review:

1. What am I going to define the readers through my review of literature?
2. Which type of review am I going to conduct?
3. What is the scope of my literature review?
4. How good am I at information seeking?
5. How am I going to analyze my literature work?
6. Will readers find my literature effective?

In order to answer the preceding questions effectively, you should follow the tips listed above; consequently, you would come up with a good literature review.


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