One fine morning I woke up, packed my bag and went to my university. I was in the last semester of my PhD course work. After the class, it was announced that all the students who are taking classes in the final course work semester need to submit dissertation proposal for the approval of final dissertation writing.

I took it easy and though that it would be a piece of cake, as I used to think myself a genius. But, when I started to write dissertation proposal, I came to know that it isn't that easy. The basic pattern of the dissertation proposal was:

Abstract of the research
Introduction of the topic
A brief explanation of the literature review
Key questions to be answered in the Dissertation
Methodology going to be used in the Dissertation
Conclusion and expected result
I started to fill all the gaps mentioned in the dissertation proposal paper, and submitted it to my supervisor. But, for the better luck, it wasn't approved. I got confused and found myself less motivated. I was asked by the supervisor to write a new proposal and submit it as soon as possible.
But, I wasn’t feeling like to do it again because I knew that I would not write it up to the mark. With the grieved heart and confused mind, I tried to take the help from internet. I opened up an internet browser and naturally entered the term dissertation help in search engine and found plenty of useful resources.

One website which was top of the search engine made me feels like that I have found a ray of hope. The website was telling me what I had been looking for, the help for dissertations. I talked to the guys and asked for help. They welcomed me and provided the best dissertation help to complete my dissertation proposal.

I submitted the proposal and get it instantly approved from supervisor. Later on, I submitted one copy of dissertation proposal to the co-adviser and one to the Dean of faculty. All gave the green signal to carry on with the actual dissertation writing.

I was happy with the approval of dissertation proposal, but writing a real dissertation was another daunting task which was more than thousand times difficult than writing a dissertation proposal. But I knew how to do it this time. The website, from which I had taken the help, was already bookmarked on my browser; I opened it up and talked to the guys again. They welcomed me again with the open arms and promised to help me at every stage of dissertations writing.

I was able to contact them through every communication channel any time. Whenever I wanted any help or suggestion, they didn’t mind to help me. This gave me a lot more confidence and finally I submitted my dissertation to the faculty on time. I was called for the viva, and due to the dissertation writing help these guys had provided me, I cleared the viva in one go.

This is a whole story how I got my PhD dissertation approved in a very limited time. Now I am a PhD degree holder and have a plan to get another PhD degree in the coming years.
Some useful resources I found during my dissertation writing, which may be helpful for you:


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