Art cannot be defined by using definitive paradigms. It is a topic that envisages the ways in which individuals, groups, communities and nations live, work and practice their customs.

Writing an art dissertation is not merely about the word art, but the meaning it entails as a whole. As a study, art dissertations can be very meticulous in their substance and provide information about specific branches of arts in detail.

The first and foremost part of writing an arts dissertation is deciding a particular topic your thesis is going to be based upon. You have to be very specific while choosing the topic of your dissertation. Some of the topics that you can use are listed below for your convenience.


• Art history dissertation

• Fine art dissertation

• Ancient art studies

• Modern art dissertations

• Vocal arts discourse

• Performing arts critique

• Dissertation on art evolution

• Visual art study

• Art dissertation on Sculpture

• Abstract art philosophy

• A discussion on art philosophy

• Graphic arts exposition

• Dissertation on art as a form of expression

• Art Dissertation on political art

• Street art dissertation
The list can go on and on but it is time to move to the next part of this article.


Once an appropriate topic is finalised, you have to proceed to the next level. The primary step towards any type of writing is research, which firstly supplies a particular theme and in the end contributes important material required for the main thesis.


Subsequent to topic selection is having a suitable title and then to start writing an articulate dissertation on the chosen subject.


This elementary segment of the dissertation needs to have the following sub segments.

The assertive argument is established upon genuine findings of your research as well as your own observations of the research. For example you are writing about art history dissertations; here you have to throw light upon each and every aspect of art and its history including its evolution into the new era.

In this section you have to perspicaciously supply contradictory reasoning in comparison to the assertive argument. This part also holds a great deal of importance and should be prepared on realistic grounds. You personal opinions carry a lot of weight here.

In this section, you would be required to put forward the findings of your research taking into account all the important elements of the topic.

In the very end, quote all references in a clear manner in relation to the sources of your research.


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