A literature review is difficult to write because throughout the years of your university you are doing assignments, projects, reports, presentations but none of that involves extensive research and deep critical thinking. When you begin you look at a literature review example or two and start writing away but organization of the information becomes tough and we understand that. This is why we unfold how to write a literature review in just 2 days.
Day 1

Step 1.

Create an outline around the points you will make. This will allow you to organize and systematically arrange your extensive materials in order. Start filling in the details on your outline. This will allow you to keep your focus on your chosen topic and will keep you from straying away.

Step 2.

The review should be started with a thesis statement followed by your introductory paragraph, the main body of your review, which is divided into sub-bodies, and lastly the conclusion. Your review will first bring together the knowledge you have collected in a summary from the existing research carried out, followed by your critical comments and analysis containing your point of view with the faults or gaps overlooked by the past research.

Day 2

Step 3

Interpret and analyze the literature you have found. Your analysis should contain sources to identify strengths and weaknesses and to discover which sources make the most significant contribution to your related field. Evaluate the literature altogether in order to discover what information is relevant to your thesis. At this point you will begin dividing the literature into categories.

Step 4

Write the Literature Review. Your analysis and review will come in handy so do not hesitate in reading through your notes whenever you feel necessary. Conclude. Tie up all the loose ends and reconnect them to the thesis statement you made in the beginning. This will complete the circle, and your literature review is set to go!


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