A thesis dissertation is one of the longest forms of writing so this cannot be produced overnight. It is rather a painstaking process that requires a great research and findings. Only then a great dissertation thesis can be created.

Introduction, body and conclusion is not enough for dissertation writing, instead it is something more than that. There are various steps involved in order to create a high standard dissertation thesis. Let us now discuss those steps in detail.


Abstract in a thesis dissertation is not included in the formal word count and it should not be more then 300 to 400 words. This is basically a short summary of what a reader should expect in the coming dissertation. Half of it should explain what you will be doing in the dissertation while the rest of it should give some recommendations.


An introduction should posses ten percent of your thesis dissertation; it is an overview of the work you will be doing in the dissertation. At first, introduce the topic then point out the areas which will be covered in the thesis, lastly, underline objective of doing the thesis dissertation.
Literature Review:

Literature review should constitute 20% of whole dissertation, mind it, literature review is not a book review. This can only be applied here when it has direct relevance to the topic of your thesis dissertation. Remember to discuss at least ten references in your thesis and two to three different theories that should be discussed in your literature review. Also highlight the research questions that will be discussed in the dissertation.

Research Methodology:

This will also constitute 20% of your whole thesis and dissertation where you would be discussing the research program that would be incorporated in your dissertation, go back and see the research questions formulated in the literature review and choose the best method to address those questions.


This chapter can be divided into two parts, analysis of the research work and the final discussion and it should possess 30% of your whole work. Your analysis should be created from statistical data, questionnaires or interviews.


This will also be divided into two segment, first; the conclusion, secondly; recommendation for the future research. Here, you will evaluate what you have found until now. Make sure, you have addressed all the questions raised in the thesis and dissertation.


Keep in mind that both of the chapters will not be included in the word count. In bibliography, you get the opportunity to document all the sources that have been used in your thesis dissertation. All the entries in the bibliographies must be in alphabetical order while websites should be written after completing the bibliography.


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