Writing dissertations sometimes becomes the single most reason for the students to leave their education program with only ABD (all but dissertation) qualification but if he doesn’t want this designation then he has to work very hard and get some sound advice on how to come up with a perfect dissertation.

Writing up dissertation in Some Simple Steps

Step # 1:

Make sure you have taken all the seminars and lectures during classes to have all the knowledge required to write a dissertation and you should also have the document form the college to guide you with writing thesis as different colleges have different requirements for the citations and the formatting of the dissertation. You better save time and follow the given format from the beginning.
Step # 2:

In order to make it easier, let us divide the doctoral dissertation in ten sections. Sections one, two and three are numbered with the roman numbers where section one contains all the acknowledgments, section two is the index page while section three consist of the abstract. Abstract usually is a one page outline of the issue that will be discussed in the following dissertation. After the third page, the remaining pages will be numbered in Arabic numbers – 1, 2, 3 etc. Four to eight includes five chapters that are explained in the following paragraphs. Section nine will be the Appendices area while section ten will be the references page.

Step # 3:

Before writing your dissertation, you need to do an extensive research work on the dissertation topic and also note down the bibliographies so that your time is saved in the end. Decide which information is relevant and which one is irrelevant and which one you are confused about. Information gathered will help you craft the question or the problem easily. You can also start your question with “can” or “does”.

Step # 4:

As mentioned earlier, section four to eight has five chapters that consist of all the doctoral research in which chapter one is the introduction where you will state the problem in a concise form plus the significance of the study.

Step # 5:

Second chapter is about the literature review, in which you have to find and review the work done on the same topic by the other scholars and authors. Analyze them and tell the readers why the particular topic is related to your work.

Step # 6:

Now, comes the methodology chapter, here you have to categorized your research work into small segments, like, what is the population? What is the dissertation question? Will you include an interview of the people?

Step # 7:

Finally, comes the results section where you will illustrate the final outcome by using SPSS program that is statistical package for the social sciences.

Step # 8:

Here, you will discuss the results in detail while also giving the recommendation of the additional research that can be done on your topic.

Step # 9:

Lastly, comes the section of appendices and the references, this is where you have to be really careful about the rules of citation which must be provided by your college. There are many types of citations, like MLA and APA etc.

Writing up dissertation is not as difficult as it seems to be, with a little hard work and understanding you can also come up with a good dissertation but still if you are not able to cope with this, there are many dissertations writing service from where you can get a professional piece of work.


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