What good is a million dollar suit if you are wearing a tie which doesn’t go with your suit? How can a car perform well in a NASCAR race if it doesn’t have the right wheels to roll on the thrust provided by the engines? The point is that every part of everything you do has to be given importance because it is important in a distinctive way. You like it or not. Same is with a dissertation. Every chapter of dissertation is important.

One has to know how to structure the dissertation chapters properly. Every dissertation chapter is not equal in size and requires specific scheduling and time management. Every chapter has to be in order. One has to focus on one chapter at a time leaving the other chapters for when their time comes.

A few key factors about all dissertation chapter are given below


A dissertation introduction chapter should be no longer than 2 pages or 200-300 words. It should be precise and effective in the sense that it reflects everything you have in your dissertation. It should raise all the questions and problems you came across during the research which you have tried to answer in you research.
Any information which is not included in the content of the dissertation should not be mentioned in the introduction. Make it look good by using italics or bold letters for your key words.


Among all dissertation chapters the core in a dissertation is the methodology chapter. You have to see what methods exist and choose a certain methodology among them for your research. Then you have to check the effectiveness of that method before including it into your dissertation methodology chapter.

You have to check if a certain methodology is good enough to get the results that you are looking to get. The description of the methods and investigation takes the lion’s share in the main body. Always make sure that you have stated all the details about the sources for gathering the information and facts.


Conclusion is as important as other dissertation chapters. The basic idea for a dissertation conclusion chapter is to provide the reader with the results of the research and a summary of all the key findings. Tell all your results in detail and don’t just concentrate on one point ignoring others. Assert the importance of your work and what difference it can make. Provide the reader with all the answers to the questions you had raised in the introduction chapter.

Always give the reader something to think about when he walks out from your dissertation so that you make a difference to his thought process. Never lie about any findings in any part of your dissertation, especially in the conclusion chapter. Don’t pose any findings one of your own when it belongs to someone else.

A properly arranged and structured dissertation without any ground breaking research is better than a haphazard dissertation about rocket science. So always pay attention to all dissertation chapters.


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