Everything should have a logical beginning and a logical end. You know that thing about logic. It applies to everything. When an athlete is running to the finish line he throws in every bit of his energy in the end because it’s always a close call of who the winner is. So conclusion is important because it completes the content and provides a sense of totality to the work. But on the contrary it has been observed that students don’t pay attention to the dissertation conclusion chapter.

This article is bound to teach you how to write a dissertation conclusion. The basic idea is to provide the readers with results of the research, summarizing all the findings. It should be short but elaboration. It should cover all the answers to the questions raised in the body of the dissertation.


Sometimes students start overemphasizing on only one factor and forget the rest which turns out to be bad for their dissertation. While writing dissertation conclusion always stay focused and talk about everything you have in your piece with a balance among them, prioritizing the key material. You cannot afford to divert readers' attention from the arguments you've developed.

Whenever you have to write a dissertation conclusion make sure it brings out the importance of your work and shows how you have helped to bring about a change, doesn't matter how small. See if you have provided the answers to the questions at the back of their minds regarding the topic. You should maintain congruence in your content and conclusion. Add some facts and figures from your findings. It will add to your credibility.


Unlike the introduction your dissertation conclusion should be focused on the answers not questions. It should be well connected to the introduction because initially most readers will just take a look at your introduction and conclusion and if they are not co related, it will put a bad impression on the reader. Remember readers are always looking for answers not questions.


Some people say a good movie; book etc is one which makes you think when you are through it. So when writing dissertation conclusion always remembers to give the reader something to think about. This can work two ways. 1. You can mask the deficiencies of your work 2. The reader will have you on his mind for a long period of time. This will provide an edge to your conclusion.


Keep in mind that the assertion is not fake and you have not declared anything as your finding when its not. Doing this will flip your readers right away and he will never listen to any argument whatsoever. Besides it can be illegal and you might end up messing it only because of a small mistake, wasting all the toil you have put in your work.

I hope the above suggestions will only bring you good things and help you write a good conclusion for your dissertation.


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