When it comes to dissertation writing, you’re sure going to experience the challenge. Although, dissertation writing is a challenging phenomenon but a proper dissertation layout will ease your way to successful dissertation writing. Therefore, in order to make your dissertation a success; you just need a proper layout. Here are some free tips for you that will help you a lot to prepare effective dissertation layouts:

1. Title page: A good dissertation layout is that in which the title is placed at the center with uppercase letters. You should give at least 4 lines space to write your name, also centralized; then give lines space further to write the name of your university and department.

2. Acknowledgment: You should thank each and every person who has helped your way to come along with effective dissertation writing.

3. Table of contents: You should list down the relevant chapters in the table of contents that you are going to discuss in your dissertation with a page number for each chapter.
4. Abstract: An abstract is the sketchy summary of a dissertation layout where you have to make strong arguments in support of your dissertation. It’s the abstract of a dissertation layout that help audience to understand objectives of your dissertation.

5. Proposal: You should explain the background of study in your dissertation proposal. Your dissertation proposal should be in accordance with citing referrals.

6. Literature review: Your literature review is just a synopsis about the topics you have been assigned for dissertation. Here, you have to give your own point of view on research methodologies that has been followed before by the scholars.

7. Methodology: Methodology is the heart of dissertation layouts since it’s the surveys, questionnaires and discourse analysis that would assist you a lot to gather empirical and descriptive data.

8. Conclusion: Conclusion is the brief summary of your dissertation. It should be presented with arguments to let the audience understand what you want to convey them.

9. Bibliography: At the end of your dissertation, you should mention references from where you have gathered data for your dissertation.

Sometimes, you have to include appendices in a dissertation if you want to give your audience an extra bit of information. In a nut shell, a proper dissertation layout follows the preceding elements, in general.


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