There is a funny thing about life and people. They keep changing. Those who are unable to accept the changes and proceed accordingly are left far behind in the league of populace. Same goes with the organizations. If an organization does not comprehend the changes required in its composition from time to time it fails to raise itself above certain mark or maybe even fails to maintain its mark.

Change management dissertation is all about a well thought out approach to changing individuals, teams and organizations and it is the process during which the modifications of a system are applied in a controlled way, by following a well planned structure to make fair modifications.

In order to write a change management dissertation you need to study the subject thoroughly so you can understand all the aspects grounded factors. To do so, first off you need to understand why a change in management takes place.


For any organization the most important thing is to make sure that its workers are working well enough and according to the plans and instructions determined. Before an organization can start the process of a changing management it plans a meeting of the board. In that meeting the higher authorities of the organization discuss and make arguments and counter arguments about the different regions of the company and talks about the performances of the employees. There are some major questions involved which are the part of a change management meeting. You should cover them all in your Change management dissertation;

•Is the performance of the particular team effective?
•Can skills of the team be increased through performance betterment trainings?
•Is it possible to carry the organization with the same team without making any alterations?
•Can wages increment play a part in avoiding an alteration?
•Do individuals have command over their work?
•Are individuals making efforts towards “Work as a team” aspiration?
And lastly,
•Will the change management process play an effective role for the organization?
After discussing all of the preceding matters an organization makes a decision.


This is a more tangled task than changing a particular team. In this process the Head of the team has to stand up alone and make sturdy decisions for the betterment of the organization, overlooking the problems of the individuals involved. Making decisions about H.R change is definitely a tough decision and if a wrong decision is made, it can call out some serious consequences.

For this type of change maneuver you should cover the following questions in your change management dissertation;

•Does H.R sit and fit for the organization?
•Is the H.R reactive or proactive?
•Can motivational training play a part in the complex situation?
Is H.R Playing its part in positively handling the teams and individuals?
And lastly,
•Would a fresh H.R be able to pull out the boat from the cyclone? Or this change management will just be a change for the sake of change?
To make your change management dissertation stand out from the mass you have to select a high-crowned topic. For your ease, here we are putting down some of the top change management dissertations topics;


•Why a change is required in an organization? And when a change should be made?
•Problem identification to attempt change management dissertation
•How a change management procedure can become a nightmare for an individual involved in the operation?
•Pre-requisites of a change management program
•Evaluation and exploration of change management dissertations
•Anchors involved in a change management process

Hence, Change management can play both negative and positive parts for individuals or organizations; your job is to wrap up the topic in comprehensive manner to come up with solid and factual conclusions.


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