It happens to all of us. We can talk about something for hours and hours thinking we know everything about it but if we are asked to write something about it, the same knowledge seems to be a farfetched idea. You can always talk to your friend about everything you know about sports but how can you write sports dissertations? The reason is that we take everything about our daily lives for granted.

First thing you have to have prior knowledge and interest in sports to formulate quality sports dissertations, if not develop it or writing a sports dissertation can be a daunting task for you. The reason is that a sport is not something you can find a lot of material for on the web or too many books about. You have to have the real-time knowledge about everything.

These are a few things which can help you write good sports dissertations.


Writing about everyday stuff people find it hard to make a choice as to what exactly they should write about. Sports are a part of everyone’s life these days. Almost everyone plays or watches some kinds of sports. So what should one write about? How to choose the topic?

Shortlist three or four potential topics, along with exact details and take them to your tutor or advisor. Thoroughly discuss them with him about the topics and what you would focus on precisely. And what kind of dissertation you are planning to write. Ask his help to formulate your research proposal.


When writing sports dissertations one thing which almost always works is writing about current issues and news.
This can greatly enthuse your readers and get their attention. Writing about any recent happenings or events can be easy but one usually tends to be biased which is perfectly natural but it has to be avoided at all cost. You don’t have to show one side of the coin. It’s the reader’s choice to make. Leave it to them.


There are two basic formats for sports dissertations.
Qualitative and Quantitative. In a qualitative format you basically focus on observations, description and qualities of a sport, team or an individual. In a quantitative format you talk about facts and figures usually, it can be measurements or numbers. Both of these formats can be followed at the same time, taking care that one doesn’t over ride the other one.


Writing sports dissertations may sound easy to some people, thinking of course that they know everything about sports. They have other things to say after their dissertation grading. Never think you know everything about any topic, not only sports. There’s always something you don’t know, look for it. Always focus on every micro detail.

Every time you see a football match you don’t want a flashback reminding you how you messed up your sports dissertation on the quality of football shoes. Follow the above guidelines for sports dissertations if you don’t want this to happen.


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