No matter how big or fast your car is, if you do not know how to start it, its no good to you. It is the same with your dissertation. If you are unable to write an effective dissertation introduction, although you have conducted a ground breaking research, you are not getting exactly what you thought.

Then how should I write for my dissertations introduction chapter? Drive the readers through your dissertation, explain where they are, where are they going, and what they are going to find out when they are through. The ideas provided in this article are meant to help you writing the first chapter of your dissertation The dissertation introduction chapter.

A basic idea

An ideal dissertation introduction should not be any longer than 2 pages or approximately 200 words keeping in mind that it can effectively and clearly present your hypothesis. If you have conducted a research on a broad topic then you can extend it to 300 words but no more than that.
Do not add any information which is not discussed in the content of dissertation. Always tell the readers about the problems you faced during the research, the readers will acknowledge your honesty and credibility and deficiencies will be easy to cover up, if any. Every point of your introduction can be marked by bold letters or italics to add an extra spice.

Furthermore an ideal dissertation introduction can be structured following these guidelines.


In this section of the introductory chapter of the dissertation let the readers know what major problems your dissertation will address and how your dissertation will fill any research gaps. You should clearly introduce the topic and the back ground of various developments about the topic. This is what distinguishes you among other dissertation introductions.


Discuss the significance of your topic. Why it should be worked on. What kinds of solutions are required? What research has been done in the past and what parts of the topic it didn’t cover? Introduce your reader what difference it can make to the subject itself and what spaces can be filled with the research. You must introduce the background of the various envelopments the topic brings with it.


In this very important part of your dissertation introduction briefly but effectively tell the readers what the findings of your research are. Present them idea to the point how your research can help solve the unattended questions or problems never discussed before. You have to instill this idea in the mind of your reader that your research will make a difference and solve a problem.

Following these guidelines your dissertations introduction can get you the attention of the readers which you deserve for all the hard work you have put into it.


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